Goods Cage

Goods Cages are used for moving loose items e.g. kitchens and ducting. Goods cages are also well suited for the safe storage and transportation of loose or palliated goods by forklift or crane. 

Goods materials cages are fitted with 4 point lift crane lungs. The cage is also  fitted with forklift pockets for ease of transportation around site.  

The goods cages are equipped with a fully opening front gate for easy loading and unloading of materials.  The goods cage is supplied as a fully assembled unit, ready to use. They can also be used in conjunction with our crane loading platforms to transport gear and materials onto different floors seamlessly. 

Resolution Rigging Services goods cages are competitively priced. Being located near Sydney ensures fast delivery of ancillary gear onto your job site.  

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RRS has the ability to confidently supply and operate tower cranes from a single-story building to a large high-rise building whether it be free-standing, external climbing systems or internal climbing systems. We have never been more confident in large scale projects. RRS provides a clear and transparent approach when it comes to all aspects of our scope of works.
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RRS is the Main distributor of BLOKCAM Safety Systems on the East Coast