Crane Decks

RRS provides simple handling of materials when dealing with multi-storey constructions. RRS Crane Decks are a great option, whether you are construction a brand new high rise or renovating an existing structure, the offer a revolutionary solution for your project.

Crane Decks are an extremely useful and efficient way of handling materials on site.  They are designed to assist with smaller construction or demolition projects that are constrained or have limited space available for materials handling.

RRS Crane Decks provide a “draw like” loading platform system and are designed for quick delivery and installation on site.

Our Client’s that use this system, have seen the results in the increased efficiency of materials handling, increased safety standards and productivity levels in crane operation, but also the benefits of a time and cost effective solution.


With our Crane Decks measuring 2.2 metre and 3.2 metre, they cover a variety of construction project site requirements.


  • A highly cost effective method of loading and removing materials. 
  • Adjustable props
  • Allow for more lifts to be completed by the tower crane. 



  • Creates safe operation of materials handling on site. 
  • Simple locking system
  • Anchor points conveniently located for safe use


  • Fast installation and removal
  • Stackable for on-site storage and transport
  • Easy push/ pull system 
  • Seamless on-site materials handling

The Tower Crane Experts You Can Trust

RRS has the ability to confidently supply and operate tower cranes from a single-story building to a large high-rise building whether it be free-standing, external climbing systems or internal climbing systems. We have never been more confident in large scale projects. RRS provides a clear and transparent approach when it comes to all aspects of our scope of works.
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Tower Cranes

Diverse Range of Liebherr & Favelle Favco Tower Cranes

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RRS is the main distributor of BLOKCAM safety systems on the East Coast

Ancillary Equipment

Providing clients with the most reliable ancillary equipment in the Industry


Adco – Qantas Flight Training Centre

RRS has teamed up with ADCO Constructions to deliver and exceptional $90 million project for Qantas

AW Edwards – Warrick Lane

RRS has the privilege to work with Blacktown City Council and AW Edwards in the first stage of the CBD Redevelopment