Tower Cranes

RRS has a diverse range of Liebherr and Favelle Favco tower cranes, ranging from 6 tonne
capacity up to 51 tonne capacity 
with a jib radius of up to 81 metres.

What makes our fleet beneficial for our clients is that Liebherr and Favelle Favco are the
best cranes in the world and offer both electric powered cranes and diesel
powered cranes.

Our Liebherr electric tower cranes are German made by the largest crane
manufacturing companies in the world. 

Liebherr have developed leading crane technology, making their cranes the most powerful
and energy efficient, in each crane class, compared to their competitors.  This leads to Liebherr cranes undoubtedly
being one of the most reliable cranes in the world.

Favelle Favco diesel powered cranes have been involved in building 9 out of 10 of the World’s tallest buildings.  They are
extremely fast and have large lifting capacity winches.

The cranes can lift heavy loads at speeds of double to triple the speed of the fastest
electric cranes available, making them ideal for any high-rise projects.  The cranes refuel themselves via a diesel
tank lifted by the crane.  The only power supply required is a 240V circuit to run aviation lights, air conditioner,
two-way radios and any client signage fitted to the crane.

Our Trusted Brands

Because safety and customer satisfaction are our prime concerns, we only use the most trusted names in the business.