Brick Cage

Designed to safely move pallets of bricks, or similar loose products on pallets to a work location via overhead crane.


 – Suits Bricks or similar products
– Safe working load limit 2000kg
– Suitable for use with 1200mm square pallets up to 1500mm high
– Fully enclosed mesh panelling
– Fitted with Crane Lugs (4 point lift) and Forklift pockets
– Great for storage when not used for hoisting
– These cages make storing simple and organised
– Fully assembled unit

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RRS has the ability to confidently supply and operate tower cranes from a single-story building to a large high-rise building whether it be free-standing, external climbing systems or internal climbing systems. We have never been more confident in large scale projects. RRS provides a clear and transparent approach when it comes to all aspects of our scope of works.
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RRS is the Main Distributor of BLOKCAM Safety Systems on the East Coast