Deicorp Grandh

Project: Grand H Hurstsville
Location: Woniora Rd Hurstville
Date: 20th June 2016
Crane: Liebherr 172ECB Tower Crane

The GrandH Hurstville construction has been lead by Deicorp Constructions, a Sydney developer. 

RRS has worked on countless projects with the Deicorp Construction to deliver seamless material handling on site. 

RRS supplied the best crane for the job which was a Liebherr 172ECB.  The  Liebherr 172ECB offers seamless and efficient material handling on the construction site.  

A Flat- Top Liebherr tower crane was chosen due to height restrictions being near Sydney Airport air space. 

The Lieherr 172ECB has exceptional speed and large lifting capacity.  

This project commenced June 2016. The GrandH, Hurstville is located in the most central and highest elevated points in Hurstville. This project has currently finished construction. 

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RRS has the ability to confidently supply and operate tower cranes from a single-story building to a large high-rise building whether it be free-standing, external climbing systems or internal climbing systems. We have never been more confident in large scale projects. RRS provides a clear and transparent approach when it comes to all aspects of our scope of works.