Deicorp - Pemulwuy

Builder: Deicorp Constructions
Project: Col James Student Accommodation
Tower Crane: Favelle Favco 1000E MKII

This 24 Story tower beside Redfern station is another project to highlight RRS’s commitment to safety and efficiency of the tower crane. 

RRS was engaged early to assist in the planning of materials handling on the project due to the rail corridor bordering the boundary fence of the project.  

The Favelle Favco STD 1000E MKII was chosen for the job due to its extremely fast luffing capabilities and large lifting capacity.  The Favelle Favco tower cranes has the ability to lift heavy loads at speeds of double to triple the speed of the fastest electric cranes which makes the them idea for any high rise building. 

We offered Deicorp our Favelle Favco 1000E MKII luffing tower crane to ensure the jib wouldn’t encroach the Redfern rail corridor. 

The site also didn’t have sufficient power supply to run an electric luffing tower crane which made the Favelle Favco 1000E MKII perfect for the job.  

Our fleet of Liebherr and Favelle Favco Luffing cranes are perfect for sites that require a large lifting capacity but have restricted space. 

Favelle Favco STD 1000E MKII Dismantle Redfern

The Tower Crane Experts You Can Trust

RRS has the ability to confidently supply and operate tower cranes from a single-story building to a large high-rise building whether it be free-standing, external climbing systems or internal climbing systems. We have never been more confident in large scale projects. RRS provides a clear and transparent approach when it comes to all aspects of our scope of works.